embarrassment! Dalian girl spend money to clean up "zombie powder", but deletes 300 real friends

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Dalian girl Xiaolian spends 1 yuan, purchase the procedure for cleaning up WeChat "zombie powder". Xiao Zhou followed the reminder scanning operation, as a result, she was shocked: in 1 minute, 300 WeChat friends such as parents, teachers, colleagues were deleted. I have a small week, I have to call, apologize and explain the situation. It turned out that due to the seller, Ulong, the problem of deleting the boyfriend was sent to her, thus triggeting the consequences. The reporter found that many citizens have used procedures to clean the "zombie powder", which hidden all kinds of risks, worthy of being vigilant.

Girl pays for the WeChat "Zombie Powder"

Xiao Zhou is a Dalian girl, more than 700 people in WeChat friends. In order to detect and clean up her person, Xiao Zhou purchased the program of cleaning "zombie powder" on the e-commerce platform on November 26. According to the seller, users only need to spend 1 yuan, simply complete the scanning action, and accurately detect "zombie powder". After the small week pay, the seller sent a QR code, and then she started to operate according to the prompt.

"No, how to delete the real friend?" On the small week’s mobile phone screen, he constantly flashed the name of the deleted friend, including her parents, colleagues, teachers, classmates … "They can’t be ‘zombies. Powder ‘! "Xiao Zhou realized that the program had problems, but it could not stop the operation of the program. After 1 minute, the program finally ended, and 300 WeChat friends have been deleted. The big brain is blank: "I don’t want to delete people. How do you meet it later? Too embarrassing!"

Seller 乌 龙 乌 尬

The anger is a small week to find the seller and ask for explanation. It turns out that all this is caused by sellers. The seller deletes the volume of WeChat friends in batches, and it is sent to her by cleaning "zombie powder". Subsequently, the program randomly selected 300 friends from the WeChat communication record, cleared. Xiao Zhou learned that the program set the upper limit for the number of people who deleted friends on a single batch, otherwise it will trigger a more serious consequence. Both parties have negotiated, and finally.

In order to make up for the impact of things, the small week spent a few days, and he called a friend who was deleted, apologized and explained, hoping to re-add friends. "This is 300 people, and the parents wait for the family. Among the rest of my friends, some can contact the phone, explain it, there is still a lot of people, after deleting it, I want to add it." Therefore, Xiao Zhou hopes to remind the general public, do not easily try to use the program to clean the WeChat "zombie powder" to avoid uncontrollable consequences.

Using the program "Clear" hidden dangers

"Thank you for staying me in your friend, being cleaned up, don’t go back … If your phone wants to clean up, click the link to automatically detect 噢!" Your WeChat, have you received such a message ? I believe that many people have used the process to clean the fans, but in the hidden risks, it is worth everyone to be vigilant. To this end, the WeChat team and all over the police have issued relevant reminders, do not click on the unidentified link, do not easily give the QR code "Authorization".

The reporter combed media reports found that there are four major hidden dangers:

The first is the disclosure of personal information. After the user scan code, the "Clear" service provider will receive permissions, access mobile phones and WeChat address books and chat records, and once the personal information is used for illegal purposes, the consequences are not compensated. On October 28, the Shanghai police announced a personal information case caused by the "Qing Me" software. Users only pay 5 yuan service fees, scan the QR code provided by "Clear Powder Assistant", and the mobile phone will be in-depth "scan" and obtain "medical examination report". In addition to displaying the number of detected friends, it will also be pushed one by one. Since then, the criminal gang will sell personal information from it to "brush single", "praise" and other needs, and 14 months illegally profit more than 800 million yuan.

Secondly, if the WeChat account is authorized by others and "takes over", it is possible to threaten the security of the WeChat payment account. Third, the service provider may use the user’s WeChat account, into a circle of marketing information, and the WeChat group releases various marketing information, causing the account "out of control." Finally, the possibility of hiding Trojan viruses in the QR code link will cause various security issues. Peninsula Morning News, 39-degree video chief reporter Full

Binjiang District Enterprise Innovation Federal Focus Intelligent Network

Recently, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau released the list of Hangzhou Enterprise Innovation Association (first batch), "Ten Words", "Ten Words" Advanced Industry and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, Advanced Manufacturing, Biopharmaceutical, New Materials, "Carbon Damong Carbon Middle and "Key Development Industry launch collection work, form a group of enterprise innovation.

The establishment of a corporate innovation consort is to strengthen the construction of enterprise innovation, explore more efficient research and research organization mechanisms, carry out the core technology and common key technical research of restricting industrial development, promote new technology industrialization, and drive innovative chain industry chain Rongtong development.

The reporter learned that "Hangzhou City Intelligent Network Auto Perception and Decision Control Technology Research Enterprise Innovation Combination and Decision Control Technology" is listed. "Hangzhou City Intelligent Network Auto Perception Fusion and Decision Control Technology Research Enterprise Innovation Consolidation" is built by zero-running technology joint upstream enterprises and universities, with strong industry influence, strong research and development strength and good resources Integration.

It is reported that the enterprise innovation consortium is studied and developed around the intelligent network vehicle perception and decision control technology. It mainly studies the following directions: car AI chip technology, environmental sense of integration technology, high precision map and high-precision positioning technology, intelligent decision Control technology, information security technology, V2X communication technology, vehicle electronic electrical architecture technology, cloud platform and big data technology.

Why do people want to learn in all major universities?

With the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, the drone industry is rapidly rising with the rapid development of new generation information technology, etc.

In recent years, my country’s small civilian drone market has grown rapidly. "Drone + Photography" "UAV + Remote Sensing" "UAV + Plant Protection" has become a hot spot for technological innovation and economic transformation.

In 2017, the Department of Working, issued the "Guidance Opinions on Promoting and Regulating the Development of Civil User Mechanics" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), clearly supporting the establishment of a regular college and vocational institutions to establish a drone professional. The support of the policy, the market’s desire for talents, many colleges have opened the seeding of drone.

In fact, before the introduction of "Opinions", higher vocational colleges have begun to take the first to test water drones. According to the national high vocational education professional settings, the "UAV application technology" professional (professional code 460609) is the new professional announcement announced by the 2013 Ministry of Education. Since 2013, the number of colleges who open this professional is rapidly increased every year. By 2021, 375 colleges and universities approved by the Ministry of Education have been approved to open drone applications. Compared with last year, increased by 63, year-on-year. An increase of 20.19%. Popularity can be seen.

The current drone core technology is that it is necessary to have an autonomous flight capability. In addition to the preset flight route flight, it is necessary to let the drones have "automatic follow" capabilities. GM Shengkin UAV adopts advanced image identification, visual tracking technology, automatic identification and lock tracking objects, and by collecting the surrounding environment information of selected objects, tracking can be tracked according to algorithm and real-time data judgment and identifying the target. .

With the development of 5G network technology, the combination of drone and 5G network has accelerated the popularity of industrial-grade drone in vertical fields such as inspection, security. Therefore, current demand for talents in drone automatic avoidance, autonomous flight, cluster operation technology, etc., and more and more IT people want to enter the field of drone.

However, there is no system to learn to get started with the drone. The drone is actually flying. In order to help the small partners interested in drone self-directed flying technology to better master the related knowledge of drone independent flight, with practical experience, we are specially launched"Getting Started with Autonomous Flying"The course is laid around the entry foundation and practical training of drone independent flight, helping everyone to carry out targeted learning training, quickly master the self-contained skills of drones, and start!

Wisdom Police | smooth flying core technology blessing of police intelligence, help construct digital China!

In recent years, public security organs at all levels vigorously the introduction of advanced technology and promote"Police Chief Internet + service"Work to promote police training and technology project, pressed by the conventional wisdom police to police the development of "accelerator" to contribute to maintaining social stability and promoting the modernization of social governance.

What is "smart policing"?

Network Security Industry in China"Police intelligence concept and development Overview"Mentioned in the article, is to enhance the public security organs Police wisdom core fighting as the main objective, to implement the strategy of large data path, the use of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, networking and other technology support, to create the new ideas and new models of police intelligence work. Police intelligence information can enhance public security, intelligence, modernization level, to promote public security work by leaps and bounds!

In the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, the "demand gap" between with the relative lack of police resources and the increasingly serious crime situation appears increasingly obvious, this time soaring in the total amount of the UK crime, 1982 year rose to 2.6 million in 1992 to 5.4 million cases, this data leads to public trust in the police also will be dropped.

For this reason, some local police experts through analysis of the survey, presented a variety of effective responses, including the implementation of police intelligence information mode, then Germany, France and other developed countries have been implemented, led Policing in economic globalization , information society and international criminal background came into being, became very effective policing strategies.

With the advent of the era of big data and artificial intelligence, to further accelerate the speed of police reform. At present, my country has become the world’s largest producer of police equipment, since the eighteen-related policies, resources have tilted to the public security department, network security was calculated according to Chi, in 2020 China’s security market grew 3.02%, where the software and platform system demand growth 10.18%, while boosting the public security department under the police intelligence is undoubtedly a major force pushing this demand.

What characteristics of wisdom police there?

1, mobile, mobile police equipment, including face recognition authentication, site information entry and storage applications, law enforcement recorder, mobile vehicle, police wear police equipment and mobile platforms.

2, intelligent urgent needs around the comprehensive management of social, new criminal investigation, anti-terrorism, developing integrated a variety of detection sensor technology, video image analysis of information recognition technology, intelligent security and police use of biometric technology products, the establishment of intelligent monitoring platform.

Among them, intelligent monitoring platform has an important face recognition technology, the industry more widely used in public security, including the investigation and surveillance, border checks, to identify the suspect, judicial portrait identification, access control key sites as well as hotels, cafes, casinos security management. In addition to face recognition, vehicle identification and voice recognition and other technologies involving artificial intelligence are also more and more ground to the public security industry applications, information technology and contribute to the public security police intelligence building.

Smooth flying characteristics of face recognition systems?

Smooth flying face recognition system uses advanced face detection, face orientation, face critical point detection, feature extraction, face recognition computing technology, distributed cluster, to achieve a shared network resource portrait, rich convergence of the number of samples, evidence of the integration business logic the output from the identification process to identify the conclusion, based on the theoretical calculation of feature matching "Portrait similarity test specification", a learning feature using the depth ratio of identifying a candidate list obtained, reintroduction likelihood secondary scoring results to the expert sort recommended It may or may not be a result.

In face massive data base, to dig deep facial data, combined with data mining capabilities police combat operations, to further improve the investigation auxiliary policemen in the decision-making ability.

The core technology enabling smart city

Help build a digital China

Smart alarm on key personnel dynamic control system through the implementation of people and vehicles moving trajectory analysis, separation disposal, go to know the whereabouts, IntelliSense for the construction purpose, namely the building of key personnel routine control and key personnel temporary surveillance function, complete control of personnel travel case , travel law, Icecream, fellow officers, relationship patterns, transaction behavior, and comprehensive analysis and judgments with behavioral models and tools to achieve the goal of the public security organs of management and control activities of key personnel.

Prosperity is a national science and technology base. Public security work, the technological innovation of strategic, fundamental and global status. In the new era background, the police insist on science and technology, vigorously implement the public security big data strategy, focused on creating a police data, to build "smart public security," a new pattern, to create a new model of police development is the general trend.

The new Internet era AI makes life better

Under the new Internet, the network and mobile phones have long surpassed their original features, short video acquisition, mobile Internet age, quickly become a self-information transmission carrier under the technical support of 5G and smartphones.

The generation of AI comes from people to life.

Monitoring shows that sports and fitness have gradually become one of the important vivid things of Chinese users. This shows that people have realized the importance of health, in addition, with the development of mobile Internet, China’s sports fitness line APP uses time long presenting fluctuations The situation is popular with mobile phone entertainment functions that are used to consume time, and believe that small friends are also the most entertainment time in these three types of apps.

Smartphones accelerate the development of mobile Internet, especially the arrival of the 5G era, the function of mobile phones is becoming more and more attractive, while resisting false information, opposing vulgar content, and has become a strong demand for mobile phone users, mobile phones Powerful features, making the content quality of the app are getting excellent and excellent, and the promotion of mobile phone itself is also a critical element, and it is airable here.

The development of Ai is not a

AI is one of the most hot topics in the two-year science and technology field. Its original technology applied in some important science and technology areas. In recent years, in the field of smart mobile phone mobile Internet, it has also begun to have a wide range of applications. It not only enhances mobile games. Experience, more consumers bring more gameplay.

Speaking of the AI ??capabilities of smartphones, at least in Android Tiandi, most of the flagship products are used in the AI ??engine from Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile platform.

Today IT House and the new 6th generation Gaotong Ai engine as an example, AI smart is omnipotent, full of life, to see how artificial intelligence brings more happy, brush short video Chase play games … It can be said that almost all mobile phones have the shadow of the 6th generation Gaver AI engine.

In recent years, as everyone’s life is accelerating, the video of the mobile phone brush section has become a fragmentation of a fragmented pastime. The people are waiting for the bus in the bus, and they will brush short video when eating. You may wish to start with short video.

Why these years short video app booms, the birth of short video is not only brought joy, but we start to see some video special effects on the Internet. At that time, this is a magical existence, and with smartphone mobile phones The appearance, the birth of the app, the AI ??is no unfortunate, in addition to some special effects of the App comes, now like "shake", "quick hand" short video App also built a lot of auxiliary users. Function, such as interesting face special effects, filters, etc., we often see a special filter trigger all network crazy.

How is AI intelligence work?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform Aiengine is supporting the terminal on the top flagship smartphone, which will automatically detect and learn user habits, and analyze the accurate user needs of the calculation, and serve, for example, every day, I will open the navigation. App, at this time, the mobile phone’s AI engine can predict that the high-frequency application in that time is the navigation app, and the system resources are allocated in advance. At this time, open the navigation APP can speed up 40% of the effect, which brings ultra-high Experience

In addition, short video is also an important application of AI. It can show the process of work creation and the daily creation of artists. In the work AI to achieve this function, we can see that Ai can play any role if it plays one Position artist, so a short time it can complete the function of hand-painted portrait creation.

Although A11Bionic has the strongest CPU and GPU performance on smartphones to meet our existing general mobile apps, but in machine learning such AI operations, it is likely to be just a beginning, because we have seen it. Big development space, so they found a single high-efficiency solution, which is the AI ??engine for manipulating the Snapdragon Mobile platform for AI operations. After redesign, the video picture of the app is more smooth, and the consumer experience is more realistic. Performance is further improved.

Changchun New District Key Enterprise Tour – Jilin Zhongke Yuan Power Technology Co., Ltd .: Let the unmanned agricultural machinery entered the field of Guangyu

Make navigation positioning, enter the trajectory route, just simple two steps, unmanned tractors began land operations. Recently, in Changchun City Agricultural All-Process Demonstration Activity The results of the Granary Science and Technology Association have conducted unattended demonstrations and received extensive attention. "We use artificial intelligence technology to agricultural production, the purpose is to make farmland operations safer, more efficient, more accurate, more economical." Said the person in charge of the original power of Jilin Zhongke.

It is understood that Jilin Zhongke’s original power is affiliated to Beijing Zhongke Yuan Power Technology Co., Ltd. Zhongke’s original power is long-standing manual intelligence, automatic driving, smart agriculture industry, has a complete automatic driving and robotic technical system, forming a unmanned operation core technology for farmland farming full processes. Through the use of artificial intelligence and driveric technology, the China’s original power has successfully developed farmland operation robots to learn, so that ordinary agricultural machinery has unmanned work ability. At present, the products have been applied to the North Overcome Group, Congtong Group, COFCO Group, and many modern agricultural machinery cooperatives. In 2021, Zhongke’s original motivation has accumulated an unmanned standardized operation in actual production reached 100,000 mu.

The field is not seen in the field, only agricultural machinery materials are busy. Today, this scene has become reality on the farm working in Zhongke’s original power. "Blue sky, white clouds, white clouds, smart", China’s original power "Zhi Niu" unmanned tractor in cultivating land, picking and moving planting, etc., greatly reduces farming burden.

In many products of Zhongke’s original power, the driver system is the most widely used application in agriculture. The unmanned driving system is also called "virtual machine", which can achieve intelligent job, automatic turning, night time, extreme weather, molching identification, automatic avoidance, multimetary synergy, etc. Plowing, species, tubing, tubing process of spiral, ridge, planting, plant protection, joint, harvesting, etc. Installing in a general agricultural machinery, adapting dozens of different types of farm tools, you can have the ability of ordinary agricultural machinery to "all day and night, unmanned, accurate homework" to achieve multi-machine management, mining, and harder. Homework and real "unmanned" homework, significantly reduce the number of operators, make up for the "gap" of agricultural opportunities. At the same time, the unmanned driving system can also withstood continuous high strength, long hours of operation, solving problems such as large intensity operations in a limited time window, and liberate agricultural opportunities from high strength and repetitive work.

"The driver system greatly increases the efficiency of work, and the efficiency of cultivation is 30%; improved the working environment of the agricultural machinery, reducing labor intensity, can manage multiple agricultural machinery saving human cost; save energy, fuel consumption reduction 3 -5%; improved the finished product rate of vegetables, significantly increase income, and improved significantly in scale. "China’s original power research and development personnel said that the unmanned system is compared with the old machine, in operation time, job efficiency, accuracy , The cost, etc. has a comparative advantage, which can achieve a continuous high-strength job all day and night.

"We have mastered core technologies such as the ‘unmanned operation of farm farm farmers, vegetable production human machine intelligent collaboration’, in Changchun, the purpose is to further promote the research and development and production of new products, use artificial Intelligent Employment Agricultural rural farmers, let the farmers are simpler, farmers more decent, more dignified. "The head of Jilin Zhongke’s original power," Huang Niu retirement, iron cattle cultivated land, farmers into the city, experts farmer farmers "is about to achieve.

Research on the Essential Security and Reliability of Refining Enterprise Equipment

I. Introduction

In 2005-2016, my country’s refining enterprises frequently occurred, causing high concern. On November 13, 2005, China’s petroleum Jilin Petrochemical Company barefriens were exploded and triggered Songhua River cross-border water pollution incident; September 8, 2011, Shanghai Sike Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Supercritical The valve cover and the valve body of the ethylene conveying pipe are suddenly separated, ethylene leakage causes explosion and fire; November 22, 2013, China Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Pipeline Storage and Transportation Branch East Yield Oil Pipeline Crude Oil Leakage Explosion; On April 21, 2015, China Petrochemical Yangzi Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Olefin Factory Ethylene glycol T-430 Tower exploded. The accident of large refining equipment is frequent, not only the economic loss is huge, but also has a serious social or international impact on the state [1]. At the end of 2016, my country’s refining capacity has reached 7.5 × 108 T / A, of which 24 of 1 × 107 T / A-class refinery, total refining capacity reached 3.14 × 108 T / A, accounting for 42% of national oil refining capabilities. Large-scale, high speed, automation, and intelligent refining equipment manufacturing become national strategies [2]. While large equipment creates huge economic benefits, once an accident occurs, it will cause a huge economic loss to enterprises in production. The essential safety and supervision intelligence of refining equipment is an important role in the safe and reliable refining company.

At home and abroad, the concept of essential safety and supervision intelligence has been largely expanded, and related research is carried out in terms of equipment essential and reliable operation and reliability design / manufacturing. Xu Zhengquan et al. [4] analyzed the status quo and existing problems of domestic essential safety management research, and proposed basic ideas based on the essential safety management research of interactive safety management theory. Wang Qinfang [5] According to the actual needs of industrial development, the company’s essential safety models including personnel, machinery, work environment, management and cultural five modules. Wu Zongzhi et al [6] integrates the essential security ideas and "Program – Execution – Improvement" (PDCA) management mode, which proposes a working-based PDCA management model. Baijing [7] By analyzing the harm of equipment and its control principles and the way to implement equipment safety, the safety management of the equipment should be the safety management of the equipment should be the essential safety and equipment use process. WOO [8] describes the necessity of reliability embedded design processes and its method development, it is recommended to introduce new parameter life acceleration test (ALT) into a reliability method. Perng et al. [9] studied in supervision intelligence, two types of intelligent regulatory controllers, performance reached or exceeded linear control restriction, better than fuzzy controller and nerve controller. MIAO et al [10] studied complex and variable industrial control systems, summarized the computer, communication, artificial intelligence, information and decision-making technologies of intelligent industrial control, and summarized the development trend of intelligent industrial control. DAI et al [11] proposes a signal selection and reliability assessment method based on conditional information based on state monitoring reliability analysis method.

This article is based on the status quo of refining equipment in nature and reliability and supervision and intelligent research. Challenges; countermeasures, measures, and recommendations for the essential safety and reliability and supervision intelligence; finally gave birth to domestic related engineering applications.

Second, the essence of refining equipment is safe and reliable and the connotation and characteristics of supervision intelligence

(1) The essence of refining equipment is safe and reliable and the connotation of intelligence

Foreign nature security theory research focuses on systematic reliability theory, more important than technical factors, and research ideas gradually designed from safety evaluation, and the system is improved, thereby increasing system overall safety [12]. Essential safety refers to the use of organizational architecture design, technology, management, standardization and culture. Under the premise of protecting people, things and environment, through the basic interaction relationship between the system in operation, standardize interaction relationships and Cultural interaction, from the source prevention system in the operation, the system is not harmonious, invalid interaction, and the system of effective interaction, the II effectively interaction, thereby ensuring system security, reliable equipment, comprehensive management and safety culture, ultimately Decreasing long-term prevention of accidents [4]. Essential safety runs through various stages of the full life cycle of design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance: the design phase adopts intrinsically safe technology, pays a safety factor, and uses safety devices (fixed, interlock, control, trip and other forms) to achieve mechanization and Automation; implementation, assembly, testing and other standards to ensure the reliability of components; the control system design adopted in the operational stage should consider the operation mode of various homework, fault display, automatic monitoring, artificial intervention and other functions; The maintenance phase is achieved with Internet of Things monitoring, fault diagnosis, risk-based maintenance management and other technologies to achieve accurate maintenance, ensuring that the equipment is always reliable and available.

The connotation of the essential safety and reliable and regulatory intelligence can be defined as: the equipment reliability design and manufacturing is fundamentally, with risk management means as the core, to monitor control intelligent and information technology as support, realize real-time state perception of equipment, Status recognition and prediction, external environmental disturbance or self-fault adaptive adjustment control and autonomous maintenance and protection decision, ensuring reliable safety and human, machine, environmental harmony. Reliability Design / Manufacturing, Risk Management, Monitoring Control Intelligent and Informatization is 3 key elements that ensure safe and reliable equipment.

(2) The essence of refining equipment is safe and reliable and supervised intelligent characteristics

1. Design / manufacturing with reliability

The ability to complete the prescribed function in the specified time is reliability. Reliability design includes three aspects of quality, cost, reliability, optimization processes, the overall reliability of the product, as performance constraints, will produce a balanced design with reasonable safety phase [13]. Reliability Design / Manufacture refers to equipment design and manufacturing from the essential safety of the equipment to eliminate the potential defects and weak links of the equipment to prevent malfunctions to ensure that the technical activities taken by the predetermined inherent reliability requirements. The equipment running reliability is approximately 90% of the reliability design / manufacturing. Reliability design / manufacture can ensure the essential safety of the equipment, eliminate or reduce casualties, reduce equipment failures, improve equipment utilization, realize safety production; equipment design selection also chooses a reliable design / manufacturing guarantee product.

2. Core with risk management as the core of full life cycle

Risk management refers to the use of risk identification, risk analysis, risk quantitative calculation, reliability management to ensure normal, safe operating state [14]. To develop risk assessments such as reliability-centric maintenance (RCM), risk-based test (RBI), safety integrity level (SIL), to identify key factors affecting equipment reliable operation, using troubleshooting measures To develop reduction measures or one-time change tasks, improve equipment essential safety reliability. Risk management technology implements various stages of equipment design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance, and scrapping.

3. Monitoring and control use intelligent information to technical support

"Monitoring and Early Warning, Diagnosis and Prediction" becomes the development direction of equipment monitoring diagnosis. Using industrial interconnection, mobile interconnection, state monitoring and diagnosis, informationization cloud platform technology, links people and machines to the machine, and realize the reliability-centric maintenance, improve people’s work efficiency, and ensure the safety of the equipment.

4. Self-maintenance decision-making is achieved with comprehensive perception, status identification and prediction

Based on the RCM evaluation of refining equipment, the fault detectability analysis of high-risk fault mode is determined, and the fault feature sensitive parameters are determined, and the machine is installed to install various types of sensors to have fault sensation. "Brain", the brain ", and use Equipment health evaluation model, energy efficiency evaluation model, reliability evaluation and its corresponding evaluation performance standards, enabling machines to have status identification and predictive capabilities; let the machine connect network, make status identification and predictive information to fail over network; Maintenance decision-making knowledge base, independent decision-making maintenance content.

5. Adaptive adjustment control of external environmental disturbance or its own fault

Under the guidance of systemism, break the traditional professional barrier, learn from and transplant the "autonomous conditioning" treatment principle, integrated status monitoring, artificial intelligence, active and adaptive control, etc., study accident prevention and self-healing The process independently regulates, so that the refining enterprise equipment has failed self-healed, thereby greatly reduce faults and accidents, reducing downtime production losses.

6. The fault eradication task is an effective way

Equipment maintenance can only be maintained without increasing the reliability of equipment, and self-estro repair is to determine the best maintenance opportunities and maintenance content to avoid "insufficient maintenance" or "maintenance surplus". The fault eradication task is one of the important contents of autonomous maintenance and protection, for high-risk fault models, to conduct fault root analysis, formulating fault eradication measures, is an effective way to improve equipment inherent reliability [15].

Third, equipment essential safety and reliable and supervision intelligent development trends

(1) Equipment design and manufacturing development to intelligent direction

1. Digital design and simulation technology are important means

In digital integrated environments, the design and simulation of reliability and performance integration is carried out, and multi-mechanical, equipment, system-grade product, complicated environment, multi-machine correlation, complicated, complicated, multi-machine-related reliability analysis. , Life prediction, program optimization, etc., including multidisciplinary tool integration, test design, response surface coupling, reliability analysis, system reliability analysis, reliability optimization, durability analysis of 7 functional modules.

2. Mechanical equipment intelligence is a development trend

Today’s society uses intelligent technology, including a variety of intelligent production control systems, intelligent logistics systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, and the like. Process equipment self-perception, automatic recognition, automatic prediction, external disturbance adaptive adjustment, failure self-paying, etc. have typical intelligent features. Self-controlling facilities such as fluid machinery, joint protection, overload protection, etc., is the basis for intelligent control.

3. Intelligent manufacturing is a way to achieve

Intelligent manufacturing refers to information development under the full life cycle of the product and implements informatization under perceptual conditions. On the basis of modern sensing technology, network technology, automation technology, intelligent technology such as intelligent technology, through intelligent perception, human-machine interaction, decision-making and implementation technology, implementation, manufacturing process, manufacturing equipment intelligence, It is the depth integration and integration of information technology, intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing technology. Take advantage of the basis of networked manufacturing, digital manufacturing, integrating artificial intelligence and robot technology, forming interaction and depth integration of people, machines, and objects, making design, process, test simulation, production process, guarantee, etc. Intelligentization Become a reality [16, 17].

(2) Risk management technology will become an important support for equipment integrity management

1. Equipment integrity management is the development trend of equipment management

Equipment management mode develops from fault repair (BM), plan maintenance (TBM), status maintenance (CBM), risk-based maintenance (RBM) to asset integrity management (AIM). Integrity management throughout the performance of the full life cycle of equipment design, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, scrap, is the mainstream development trend of the equipment management model of refining enterprises.

2. Risk management is the core of integrity management

Designational Stage Application Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Hazard and Operational Analysis (HAZOP), Reliability / Availability Analysis (RAM), SIL and other risk assessment tools, identify risk factors in the design phase and use one-time change measures to ensure Equipment design
Essential is safe and reliable.

Operation, maintenance phase Using equipment failure analysis (FTA), root cause analysis (RCA) method identifies potential factors that cause equipment defects; static equipment application RBI technology for risk analysis and formulates inspection plan; dynamic equipment Apply RCM, RAM technology to reliability Analysis, formulation of inspection and maintenance strategy; instrument electrical application SIL technology for safety integrity rating analysis, formulate corresponding management strategies; operations use integrity operation window (iow) to set the device failure operation boundary, preventive and intervention equipment status deterioration Accidents happen to ensure safe operation of the equipment.

3. Risk management causes traditional equipment management model to turn from the institutional level to the technical level

Traditional equipment management relies on system specifications and clarifies how people want to manage equipment. Risk management starts from the technical level, and how to make equipment needs to manage the equipment safe and reliable, reduce repair resource consumption and improve the operating cycle of the device.

(3) Equipment monitoring will develop toward network, intelligent

Monitoring warning intelligence

Conventional monitoring alarms are prone to false alarms, virtual alarms, and repeated crossing multiple alarms. The development trend of monitoring early warning intelligence is shown in the replacement threshold threshold alarm mode, according to the operation of the equipment, the service period and other factors set the intelligent alarm line; the alarm is not only graded, but also gives the position of the alarm, the hazardous level and release of the alarm, delay the alarm Strategy method.

2. Monitoring diagnosis intelligent

Multiple parameters, large-capacity alternative single parameters monitoring, smooth operation monitoring and development to non-stationary operation monitoring, information integration, fusion, decomposition, purification, etc., and the threshold comparison of substitution single parameters) is the basis for monitoring the intelligent development of diagnosis. The development trend of monitoring and diagnosis intelligence is to implement automatic fault diagnosis, automatic fault prediction and residual life prediction.

3. Monitor diagnosis

Real-time online monitoring replacement regular monitoring and tour monitoring, distributed, networked monitoring replacement, which is the development trend of monitoring diagnosis. The new generation of information and communication technologies represented by Internet, cloud computing, and big data are active and developed rapidly. It has set off a new round of scientific revolution and industrial change in a global scale, making it an important force to promote economic and social development. Internet of Things can connect all ordinary objects that exercise independent features to the Internet, exchange information exchange, and communicate to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring, and management. From the global perspective, the Internet of Things Data Processing and Public Platform Service is in the ascending, and the Terminal Manufacturing and Application Services related to the Internet of Things are still growing during growth.

Do not rely on mechanism research, directly from the big data, it is also a trend of intelligent supervision of refining equipment. By using the object network, cloud computing, big data, the data mining, the data is classified, the data is carried out by statistics, online analysis, machine learning, pattern recognition, etc., the data classification, the rules, cluster, visual description, etc. Application, thereby implementing functionality of equipment fault identification, early warning and diagnostics, equipment health status online assessment. Some Internet companies have begun to use artificial intelligent technology to support refining companies to explore intelligent production, combined with multiple network technology guarantees, data exchange between equipment and manufacturing cloud data centers, providing monitoring intelligent data foundation for intelligent factories.

Based on the manufacturing service of industrial data and network, it is supported by cloud computing, data fusion processing and analysis, remote monitoring and diagnosis, establishing network remote status monitoring and diagnosis and logistics support systems, supporting operational modes, extended maintenance, lease And data analysis management, etc., thereby laying the technical foundation of the equipment in nature and reliability and supervision intelligence.

Fourth, my country’s refining equipment essential safety and reliability and supervision intelligent macro research

(1) my country’s refining equipment is safe and reliable and the existence of intelligent intelligence

Device reliability design / manufacturing, risk management, and intelligent monitoring of laws, regulations or rules are uncomfortable; the investigation of heavy accidents of equipment is often confused by trajectory.

Device reliability design / manufacturing, risk management and intelligent monitoring standards are lacking or uncommon; risk management, supervision intelligent employment personnel qualification have not certified systems, and employees have improved technology.

Equipment Purchase Low-cost bidding system cannot encourage the improvement of design / manufacturing quality, and it is difficult to promote the safety facilities required for safe and reliable equipment.

Equipment design / manufacturing monitoring control is not high, the technical level is relatively backward; the design institute, the product design of the manufacturer is relatively conservative, "in" source "lacks equipment failure detectability, adaptive regulatory and self-payment design.

In the device operation and maintenance management phase, some managers believe that the monitoring control of intelligent facility function "painting" is not valued; on the other hand, the degree of equipment monitoring control is less than user expectations. Two phenomena also exists.

The traditional idea of ??equipment management model is deeply rooted, RBI, RCM, SIL, HAZOP and other advanced mature management models are difficult to land root.

Device decision management relies on experience, leadership, lacks the awareness and ability to use equipment to run data, monitor diagnostic data, maintenance and maintenance data, etc. for scientific decisions.

The equipment is safe and reliable, and the equipment is not dare to operate, and the current situation of safety is universally existed in exchange efficiency.

(2) my country’s refining equipment in nature and reliability and supervision intelligence countermeasures and recommendations

At the national level, the legal, regulations or rules and regulations of the refining equipment design / manufacturing essential safety; the root of major accidents is the design / manufacture of defects, and they must be resident in relevant units.

Develop industry standards or regulations for refining equipment design / manufacturing, risk management, supervision intelligence, and establish regular reviews, update mechanisms; based on best possible technology, improve the participation of enterprises in the standard development process; Implementation of qualification certification systems, improve risk assessment, monitor the authority of diagnostic conclusions.

From the intrinsic demand for equipment in nature, reliability and supervision intelligence, improve equipment and its components procurement management system; equipment operation efficiency, no faulty period, fault average repair time, annual maintenance cost, accident safety impact, environmental impact, etc. Important evaluation index.

In terms of equipment design / manufacturing, the fault detection design and industrial interconnection design, improve equipment fault sensationability, status identification and predictive capacity and industrial interconnection; through digitization, automation, modelization, intelligence, informationization and other measures Improve equipment essential safety design level; realize the whole process of refining and chemical enterprises, forming equipment operation status identification and prediction, adaptive planning control and dynamic compensation repair, intelligent maintenance decision, etc. (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Motoristometer equipment essential safety and reliable and supervision intelligent design frame map

Establish a sound equipment integrity management system, realize the management of full life cycles such as equipment design, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, and scrapping.

At all stages of the full life cycle of the equipment, the risk assessment tools such as RBI, RCM, SIL are implemented, and become formal requirements of national or industry; refining companies must formulate management rules and regulations and supervision.

Using basic technology such as large data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, breakthrough automatic diagnosis, automatic prediction, intelligent warning and other core key technologies, build equipment integrity management intelligent operation and maintenance decision information platform, and realize data-driven equipment intelligent operation and maintenance decision (See Figure 2).

Figure 2 Data-driven equipment intelligent maintenance decision framework schematic

Mastering the key technology of the health and energy monitoring of refining equipment, establishing a smart control system of the compressor unit, using an expert system to centrally control the refining equipment, use intelligent algorithm to optimize load allocation, so that each compressor unit is operated in optimal conditions, Thereby maximizing operational efficiency. Using large units of anti-surgery optimization control and failure self-healing regulation technology, while enhancing the operational efficiency of the unit, ensuring safe and reliable in the device card.

5. Engineering application cases of refining chemical equipment essentially safe and reliable intelligence technology

Engineering case implementation of the refining equipment in nature and reliability and regulatory intelligence technology [18]. China Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. has a striker, system alarm, and interlocking malfunction in the 8 years of the catalyst of China Petroleum Chemical Group Co., Ltd., and the main fan has two times during the 2nd-4 months of 2011. Switter drift is closed to 22 ° position to cause system parking. According to incomplete statistics, the average of domestic related units has a minimum of 3 to 5 times a year due to the main fan of Jingya Adjustive mechanism, and the average loss of the system is about 30.4 million yuan. In order to reduce the loss caused by the system discontinuation, ensure the safe operation of the equipment, and the main storm system is safely reliable and intelligent.

(1) Essential security and reliable intelligent supervision object determined

Reliability data and maintenance data statistical analysis showed that the failure probability (PFD) of the main fan conventional electro-hydraulic control system reached 2.5207, while the advanced level control system PFD was only 0.1. The main air machine intrinsically safe and reliable intelligent regulatory object According to this, it is determined that the main fan can be adjustable to adjust the actuator conventional electro-hydraulic control system.

(2) Reliability key influencing factors and personalized re-design

The main factor affecting the reliability of the main fan is that the special valve of the main conventional electro-hydraulic control system of the main fan of the main fan is "blocked, card, drifting" phenomenon, and the intelligence is low. Based on reliability design and fault bionics, the intelligent electro-hydraulic control system with self-diagnosis and self-increasing is developed, and a functional compensatory multi-target electro-hydraulic control system failure self-healing regulation method is proposed. Based on the distribution control system / security instrumentation system (DCS / SIS) platform, the main fan-free self-healing regulation system is developed, so that the failure of the static blank adjustability and adaptive regulatory Get a fundamental improvement.

(3) Essential safety and reliable intelligent supervision renovation

In terms of technical aspects, electro-hydraulic control is realized, and the fault can be detected, and the calibration adjustable actuator valve position lock or running fault self-healing regulation.

In terms of economy, the development cost of intelligent electro-hydraulic control system with self-healing regulation and control is 1.2 million yuan, and the expected earnings of 1,0.03968, according to a reduction of 1 system parking.

In terms of service, the intelligent electro-hydraulic control PFD is only 0.005864; the system realizes online non-stop repair, and the average repair time (MTTR) is not more than 2 h; the design service time limit can reach 3 × 105 h.

In terms of resource, the smart electrohytic solution control operation is 0.47 kW, better than the domestic best level (12 kW), unit crude oil processing power consumption, steam consumption is 0.5%.

In terms of environmental, the reliability of the main fan is significantly improved, and the gas caused by the system is discharged, and the total amount of liquid emissions is reduced by 1 order level.

Sixth, conclusions

This article reveals the connotation and characteristics of equipment essential safety and reliability and supervision intelligence. Reliability Design / Manufacturing, Risk Management, Monitoring Control Intelligent and Informatization is 3 key elements that ensure safe and reliable equipment. Combing the essential safety and reliable development trend of refining equipment, the development of intelligent development: equipment design and manufacturing have developed to intelligent direction, and risk management technology will become an important support for equipment integrity management. Equipment monitoring will develop in the direction of networking and intelligence. Clarified my country’s refining equipment is safe and reliable, and the challenges of supervision intelligence is implemented.

Focus on the future, based on the information physics system (CPS) to implement equipment fully perceived, early fault warning, operating status real-time assessment and intelligent maintenance decision, which is the development trend of equipment essential safety and intelligent supervision technology.

Laboratory design decoration: smart laboratory construction plan CEIDI

With the advancement of the times, the construction of "smart laboratories" seems to become the ultimate goal of the experimental organization. What is the smart laboratory? CEIDI Xijia believes that it is integrated into the construction management of people into the laboratory, based on the Internet of Things, Internet, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Technology Building Smart Laboratory Management Platform, can complete the laboratory repetition through automated robots Work, can complete the analysis and decision making of laboratory data through large data, and can even be considered to establish standards, security, and efficient intelligent unmanned laboratory.

The laboratory "Wisdom" is mainly focused on solving repetitive mechanical labor in usual work, reducing people of the entire experimental / detection system. The laboratory "intelligent" is more focused on innovation and landing of software, data, algorithms, and helps laboratory from business, daily management, academics, etc. through new technologies. Continuous development. To involve Internet technology, cloud computing technology, human induction technology, voice technology, biometric technology, mobile app, etc. is a considerable budget overhead for laboratory demand. So really satisfying the definition of smart laboratory is not common.

Throwing the intelligence of the laboratory software information level, the one-stop laboratory integration service provider such as CEIDI X6, the work of laboratory plane design and internal supporting environment is beginning to intervene at the beginning of the project. . CEIDI XIT is generally combing, communicating and confirming environmental design programs with laboratory wisdom software providers. For example, the smart laboratory environmental monitoring system is based on Internet of Things technology, introducing the idea of ??modular design, intelligent monitoring of temperature and humidity, gas, etc., in order to build a healthy and worry-free laboratory environment. CEIDI XIT is responsible for building a environment that matches intelligent monitoring and implementation on hardware.

Smart laboratory environmental condition system engineering construction includes (but not limited to) the following:
1. Construct a smart laboratory, which will apply a lot of Internet technology, so the electrical system is the core of the smart laboratory. We lay out to configure strong power, and the network cable must pay special attention. CEIDI Xijia is generally the total amount of rated power of the first statistical equipment, and sets the laboratory total power according to the actual rated power, and equipped with emergency power and power-on protection to ensure the safety of the instrument equipment; the docking land system requires, The grounding system will be independently configured and the requirements of the instrument equipment are met.
2. Set the standard temperature of the smart laboratory to 20 ° C ± 2 ° C, and the relative humidity is controlled at 50-70%. Smart laboratory new wind system is controlled in new air volume> 40 cubic meters / hour, in order to ensure a large number of precision instrument stability, CEIDI Western payment will be a laboratory partition on demand, and individual instruments have high dust-proof requirements, and separately Ette, control the purification level at a level, and other precision equipment are regularly located at 10,000.
3. Smart laboratory lighting generally follows human engineering to facilitate scientific experiments and equipment requirements, general illumination at 300LX.

4. The environmental conditions of smart laboratory, anti-earthquake, dust, anti-corrosion, anti-magnetic and shielding, etc. should comply with project requirements carried out in laboratory and various instrument equipment requirements for environmental conditions.

The smart laboratory uses advanced technology, changing the current situation of traditional laboratory processes, inconvenient management, is the mainstream of future laboratory. "Thirteen" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan ", artificial intelligence is one of the emerging industries that are tilted in the preferential policy, and future laboratories will surround artificial intelligence software, intelligent robots, intelligent hardware, smart platforms, etc. Aspects are carried out. Ceidi Xijia has sufficient experience in the design and decoration of smart laboratory, temperature, humidity, clean degree, and electromagnetic shield, anti-static, power lightning protection, all kinds of grounding, uninterruptible power, special lighting, etc. Instead. At the same time, based on the advantages of EPC engineering integration and the popularity of BIM technology, designers can also grasp the ground engineering, wall cylindrical projects, ceiling projects, doors and windows, electrical and pipe-tube projects, and provide China’s smart laboratory construction. Professional, complete technical support.

I won the "national image" to determine the "National Industrial Design Center"

Recently, the State Industry and Information Department announced the list of the fifth batch of national industrial design centers. You must select the robotic industrial design center successfully selected.

The National Industrial Design Center is a corporate industrial design center or industrial design enterprise that has been determined by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, has a strong industrial innovation, distinctive characteristics, and highlights, development levels ranging from national advanced status, representing the strongest innovation capabilities and highest in my country’s industrial design. Advanced levels are the highest recognition of the country’s industrial design center.Since 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conducts the declaration of national industrial design centers in accordance with the "two-year batch" provisions.

Esbek has established a robotic industrial design center earlier, establishing a market demand-oriented industrial design process, based in the field of industrial design, services and supporting the company’s product R & D center, and develops intelligent robot products that iterate to meet the user experience. By introducing and cultivating high levels of talents, the company focuses on design teams with higher business levels and more innovative design capabilities, building high quality platforms with industry influence, and coincides with upstream enterprises, and jointly enhance intelligent robots Industry industrial design level. In 2019, Essenger Industrial Design Center was also determined by the Guangdong Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the third provincial industrial design center.

Figure 1: You must choose the robot family

With the outstanding innovation ability, excellent robots have previously won the industry important awards: 2016, excellent choice of technology won the 3rd Industrial Design Red sail award; 2017, UKIT programmable robot won the New York Design (New York Design) Awards Educational Product Design Gold Award; 2017, Yanshee won the New York Design Award Education Product Design Silver Award; Jan, Jimu Robot won the CES Innovation Award; JIMU Robot won the British "Guidian" annual 40 strong best inventions; November 2017, Jimu Robot won the "First Finance" "China’s Best Invention Award"; January 2017, Alpha 2 won the CES Innovation Award; December 2018, ALPHA series robots The patent has won the 20th China Disease Design Silver Award; in August 2018, Wukong Robots won the world’s most innovative product award; Oct 2018, Wukong robot won the Guangdong Industrial Design Competition Product Design Gold Award and Best Innovation Design Award. In January 2019, Wukong robot won the CES Innovation Award; July 2020, Wukong Robotic Patent was awarded the 21st China Disease Design Silver Award; Oct 2018, Cruzr (Kruze) won the "Wikko Cup" China Artificial Intelligent Excellent Product Application Award; In October 2018, Cruzr (Kruze) won the "Golden Finger Annual Selection Innovation Product Award"; June 2019, Cruzr (Kruze) is selected for "Kirin Cup" 2019 most favorite Commercial robot TOP20; January 2020, Cruzr won the 7th Guangdong Dewage Design Patent Excellence Award; June 2021, AdiBot (Net Paraser) won the "Kirin Cup" 2021 most user favorite Commercial robot TOP10; January 2019, Walker was shortlisted in CES Official Award "Best of CES 2019"; in April 2019, Walker was named "The Robot Report" "The Robot Report" "THE ROBOT Report" "The Robot Report" is "5 major articulate robots worthy of attention" in the world’s field professional media "THE ROBOT REPORT" In August 2019, Walker was selected for the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference of the Artificial Intelligence Leader TOP 30; 2020 and 2021, Walker was selected as a treasure of the world’s artificial intelligence conference for two consecutive years.

In October 2020, Essen Technology was selected as the official unique intelligent robot partner by the Dubai Shibo China Pavilion. Based on the Walker robot, the company is designing prototype with the national treasure giant panda. It is customized for the Chinese Pavilion. The global audience demonstrates the results of Chinese language and technology innovation, and delivers China AI to the world.

At the same time, the company has more than 2,600 patents in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, including more than 70% of the invention, covering the core technical field of artificial intelligence and humanoid robot, and the patent quantity industry is awarded 12 major intellectual property awards, 4 won the China Patent Gold Award, which was awarded by the China National Intellectual Property Office, China Patent Design Silver Award, China Patent Excellence Award.

You must choose technology to adhere to technology to "people", let technology more temperature, and benefit people. Adhering to this concept, the company combines industrial design and innovation technology, with intelligent robots as carriers, artificial intelligence technology as the core, serving the social major problems and meets the major needs of society, currently in smart epidemic prevention, artificial intelligence education, smart logistics Many fields such as smart contributions have realized the application landing.

Figure 2: You must choose anti-epidemic robot and solution to help Korean school safety complex

Since the explosion of the new crown epidemic, excellent choice of anti-epidemic robots and solutions have been applied to 15 countries and regions such as China, the United States, Japan, Netherlands, and Rwanda, which helps global epidemic prevention and control and Production and life order recovery.

Figure 3: You must choose artificial intelligence education in Vietnam

In the context of accelerating the development of artificial intelligence education in the world, excellent choice of technology has provided artificial intelligence and robot education for more than 3,000 schools in China. Intelligent transformation upgrade, excellent choice technology launches intelligent logistics robot AMR and solution, equipped with intelligent scheduling system, intelligent warehouse management system, can cope with mobile operation tasks for different factory manufacturing, warehousing logistics; in addition, facing population aging The phenomenon of intensifying, excellent choice is actively promoting the combination of pension services and technology.

In the future, excellent choice will adhere to the design and application of innovative design concepts, enabling industrial design into actual social benefits, so that smart robots walk into thousands of households, let human lifestyle make more convenient Chemical, intelligent, humanized.

Wine incense is not afraid of the alley, the scientific intelligent stereo garage is concerned.

In 2021, the Dalang Commercial Center, the Sales of the Smart Stereo Garage, 1632 parking spaces were successfully built. Sijun science and technology have been received by the social media world, which not only has Shenzhen traffic, Shenzhen traffic police, Shenzhen government online, Shenzhen Longhua integration Authoritative government media; and Shenzhen Business Daily, China Parking Network, etc. The people from all walks of life have affirmed the height of the odd technology intelligent stereo parking garage.

Recently, odd science and technology once again received an exclusive interview with Shenzhen Radio and TV "Zhongchuang TV" column group, this time, Shenzhen Radio and TV "public TV" channel "The innovative vision" column team entered the odd technology, See the science and technology intelligent stereo garage for a deep understanding.

Since the self-suite, I have to create a company in the enterprise, and I have always created convenient and safe and reliable incremental parking spaces; to improve the use of parking spaces, improve the user’s actual parking experience as the core, and use the Internet of Things, AI cloud computing, artificial intelligence Solving urban parking is based on urban parking, imparts technology forces to achieve urban parking, intelligent, technology … Standing in the social perspective, Shenzhen Radio and TV "Zhongchuang TV" channel for the goal of solving people’s livelihood The "The Innovation Vision" column group is extremely concerned about the odd three-dimensional garage given by the force.

Technical empowerment, deep concern

Since June, Si Jie Technology 57 sets of vertical circulation three-dimensional parking garage 684 parking spaces officially landed in the mechanical stereo parking space and officially put into use. The project is the number of odd technology to improve the supply of the large wave commercial center, and the "Cloud Ai + Edge Ai Combined with Big Data Cloud" "Cloud Platform Multi-End Mobile Interconnection" , According to the use scenario optimal algorithm, provide a three-dimensional parking space of the experience.

Convenient and practical, very concerned

Odd science and technology intelligent stereo garage can realize online reservation parking space, online payment, appointment pick-up, full mobile phone manipulation; background line operation, real-time viewing whole, single equipment and even single parking space, instant adjustment operation strategy, online True to actually achieve unattended management.

Safe and reliable, deeply concerned

Odd technology adopts mobile Internet technology to make each parking equipment are real-time online status, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence technology makes it ear, matrix sensor groups make it guarantor, the car is more secure, convenient.