Binjiang District Enterprise Innovation Federal Focus Intelligent Network

Recently, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau released the list of Hangzhou Enterprise Innovation Association (first batch), "Ten Words", "Ten Words" Advanced Industry and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, Advanced Manufacturing, Biopharmaceutical, New Materials, "Carbon Damong Carbon Middle and "Key Development Industry launch collection work, form a group of enterprise innovation.

The establishment of a corporate innovation consort is to strengthen the construction of enterprise innovation, explore more efficient research and research organization mechanisms, carry out the core technology and common key technical research of restricting industrial development, promote new technology industrialization, and drive innovative chain industry chain Rongtong development.

The reporter learned that "Hangzhou City Intelligent Network Auto Perception and Decision Control Technology Research Enterprise Innovation Combination and Decision Control Technology" is listed. "Hangzhou City Intelligent Network Auto Perception Fusion and Decision Control Technology Research Enterprise Innovation Consolidation" is built by zero-running technology joint upstream enterprises and universities, with strong industry influence, strong research and development strength and good resources Integration.

It is reported that the enterprise innovation consortium is studied and developed around the intelligent network vehicle perception and decision control technology. It mainly studies the following directions: car AI chip technology, environmental sense of integration technology, high precision map and high-precision positioning technology, intelligent decision Control technology, information security technology, V2X communication technology, vehicle electronic electrical architecture technology, cloud platform and big data technology.