Why do people want to learn in all major universities?

With the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, the drone industry is rapidly rising with the rapid development of new generation information technology, etc.

In recent years, my country’s small civilian drone market has grown rapidly. "Drone + Photography" "UAV + Remote Sensing" "UAV + Plant Protection" has become a hot spot for technological innovation and economic transformation.

In 2017, the Department of Working, issued the "Guidance Opinions on Promoting and Regulating the Development of Civil User Mechanics" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), clearly supporting the establishment of a regular college and vocational institutions to establish a drone professional. The support of the policy, the market’s desire for talents, many colleges have opened the seeding of drone.

In fact, before the introduction of "Opinions", higher vocational colleges have begun to take the first to test water drones. According to the national high vocational education professional settings, the "UAV application technology" professional (professional code 460609) is the new professional announcement announced by the 2013 Ministry of Education. Since 2013, the number of colleges who open this professional is rapidly increased every year. By 2021, 375 colleges and universities approved by the Ministry of Education have been approved to open drone applications. Compared with last year, increased by 63, year-on-year. An increase of 20.19%. Popularity can be seen.

The current drone core technology is that it is necessary to have an autonomous flight capability. In addition to the preset flight route flight, it is necessary to let the drones have "automatic follow" capabilities. GM Shengkin UAV adopts advanced image identification, visual tracking technology, automatic identification and lock tracking objects, and by collecting the surrounding environment information of selected objects, tracking can be tracked according to algorithm and real-time data judgment and identifying the target. .

With the development of 5G network technology, the combination of drone and 5G network has accelerated the popularity of industrial-grade drone in vertical fields such as inspection, security. Therefore, current demand for talents in drone automatic avoidance, autonomous flight, cluster operation technology, etc., and more and more IT people want to enter the field of drone.

However, there is no system to learn to get started with the drone. The drone is actually flying. In order to help the small partners interested in drone self-directed flying technology to better master the related knowledge of drone independent flight, with practical experience, we are specially launched"Getting Started with Autonomous Flying"The course is laid around the entry foundation and practical training of drone independent flight, helping everyone to carry out targeted learning training, quickly master the self-contained skills of drones, and start!