I won the "national image" to determine the "National Industrial Design Center"

Recently, the State Industry and Information Department announced the list of the fifth batch of national industrial design centers. You must select the robotic industrial design center successfully selected.

The National Industrial Design Center is a corporate industrial design center or industrial design enterprise that has been determined by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, has a strong industrial innovation, distinctive characteristics, and highlights, development levels ranging from national advanced status, representing the strongest innovation capabilities and highest in my country’s industrial design. Advanced levels are the highest recognition of the country’s industrial design center.Since 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conducts the declaration of national industrial design centers in accordance with the "two-year batch" provisions.

Esbek has established a robotic industrial design center earlier, establishing a market demand-oriented industrial design process, based in the field of industrial design, services and supporting the company’s product R & D center, and develops intelligent robot products that iterate to meet the user experience. By introducing and cultivating high levels of talents, the company focuses on design teams with higher business levels and more innovative design capabilities, building high quality platforms with industry influence, and coincides with upstream enterprises, and jointly enhance intelligent robots Industry industrial design level. In 2019, Essenger Industrial Design Center was also determined by the Guangdong Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the third provincial industrial design center.

Figure 1: You must choose the robot family

With the outstanding innovation ability, excellent robots have previously won the industry important awards: 2016, excellent choice of technology won the 3rd Industrial Design Red sail award; 2017, UKIT programmable robot won the New York Design (New York Design) Awards Educational Product Design Gold Award; 2017, Yanshee won the New York Design Award Education Product Design Silver Award; Jan, Jimu Robot won the CES Innovation Award; JIMU Robot won the British "Guidian" annual 40 strong best inventions; November 2017, Jimu Robot won the "First Finance" "China’s Best Invention Award"; January 2017, Alpha 2 won the CES Innovation Award; December 2018, ALPHA series robots The patent has won the 20th China Disease Design Silver Award; in August 2018, Wukong Robots won the world’s most innovative product award; Oct 2018, Wukong robot won the Guangdong Industrial Design Competition Product Design Gold Award and Best Innovation Design Award. In January 2019, Wukong robot won the CES Innovation Award; July 2020, Wukong Robotic Patent was awarded the 21st China Disease Design Silver Award; Oct 2018, Cruzr (Kruze) won the "Wikko Cup" China Artificial Intelligent Excellent Product Application Award; In October 2018, Cruzr (Kruze) won the "Golden Finger Annual Selection Innovation Product Award"; June 2019, Cruzr (Kruze) is selected for "Kirin Cup" 2019 most favorite Commercial robot TOP20; January 2020, Cruzr won the 7th Guangdong Dewage Design Patent Excellence Award; June 2021, AdiBot (Net Paraser) won the "Kirin Cup" 2021 most user favorite Commercial robot TOP10; January 2019, Walker was shortlisted in CES Official Award "Best of CES 2019"; in April 2019, Walker was named "The Robot Report" "The Robot Report" "THE ROBOT Report" "The Robot Report" is "5 major articulate robots worthy of attention" in the world’s field professional media "THE ROBOT REPORT" In August 2019, Walker was selected for the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference of the Artificial Intelligence Leader TOP 30; 2020 and 2021, Walker was selected as a treasure of the world’s artificial intelligence conference for two consecutive years.

In October 2020, Essen Technology was selected as the official unique intelligent robot partner by the Dubai Shibo China Pavilion. Based on the Walker robot, the company is designing prototype with the national treasure giant panda. It is customized for the Chinese Pavilion. The global audience demonstrates the results of Chinese language and technology innovation, and delivers China AI to the world.

At the same time, the company has more than 2,600 patents in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other countries, including more than 70% of the invention, covering the core technical field of artificial intelligence and humanoid robot, and the patent quantity industry is awarded 12 major intellectual property awards, 4 won the China Patent Gold Award, which was awarded by the China National Intellectual Property Office, China Patent Design Silver Award, China Patent Excellence Award.

You must choose technology to adhere to technology to "people", let technology more temperature, and benefit people. Adhering to this concept, the company combines industrial design and innovation technology, with intelligent robots as carriers, artificial intelligence technology as the core, serving the social major problems and meets the major needs of society, currently in smart epidemic prevention, artificial intelligence education, smart logistics Many fields such as smart contributions have realized the application landing.

Figure 2: You must choose anti-epidemic robot and solution to help Korean school safety complex

Since the explosion of the new crown epidemic, excellent choice of anti-epidemic robots and solutions have been applied to 15 countries and regions such as China, the United States, Japan, Netherlands, and Rwanda, which helps global epidemic prevention and control and Production and life order recovery.

Figure 3: You must choose artificial intelligence education in Vietnam

In the context of accelerating the development of artificial intelligence education in the world, excellent choice of technology has provided artificial intelligence and robot education for more than 3,000 schools in China. Intelligent transformation upgrade, excellent choice technology launches intelligent logistics robot AMR and solution, equipped with intelligent scheduling system, intelligent warehouse management system, can cope with mobile operation tasks for different factory manufacturing, warehousing logistics; in addition, facing population aging The phenomenon of intensifying, excellent choice is actively promoting the combination of pension services and technology.

In the future, excellent choice will adhere to the design and application of innovative design concepts, enabling industrial design into actual social benefits, so that smart robots walk into thousands of households, let human lifestyle make more convenient Chemical, intelligent, humanized.