Wisdom Police | smooth flying core technology blessing of police intelligence, help construct digital China!

In recent years, public security organs at all levels vigorously the introduction of advanced technology and promote"Police Chief Internet + service"Work to promote police training and technology project, pressed by the conventional wisdom police to police the development of "accelerator" to contribute to maintaining social stability and promoting the modernization of social governance.

What is "smart policing"?

Network Security Industry in China"Police intelligence concept and development Overview"Mentioned in the article, is to enhance the public security organs Police wisdom core fighting as the main objective, to implement the strategy of large data path, the use of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet, networking and other technology support, to create the new ideas and new models of police intelligence work. Police intelligence information can enhance public security, intelligence, modernization level, to promote public security work by leaps and bounds!

In the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, the "demand gap" between with the relative lack of police resources and the increasingly serious crime situation appears increasingly obvious, this time soaring in the total amount of the UK crime, 1982 year rose to 2.6 million in 1992 to 5.4 million cases, this data leads to public trust in the police also will be dropped.

For this reason, some local police experts through analysis of the survey, presented a variety of effective responses, including the implementation of police intelligence information mode, then Germany, France and other developed countries have been implemented, led Policing in economic globalization , information society and international criminal background came into being, became very effective policing strategies.

With the advent of the era of big data and artificial intelligence, to further accelerate the speed of police reform. At present, my country has become the world’s largest producer of police equipment, since the eighteen-related policies, resources have tilted to the public security department, network security was calculated according to Chi, in 2020 China’s security market grew 3.02%, where the software and platform system demand growth 10.18%, while boosting the public security department under the police intelligence is undoubtedly a major force pushing this demand.

What characteristics of wisdom police there?

1, mobile, mobile police equipment, including face recognition authentication, site information entry and storage applications, law enforcement recorder, mobile vehicle, police wear police equipment and mobile platforms.

2, intelligent urgent needs around the comprehensive management of social, new criminal investigation, anti-terrorism, developing integrated a variety of detection sensor technology, video image analysis of information recognition technology, intelligent security and police use of biometric technology products, the establishment of intelligent monitoring platform.

Among them, intelligent monitoring platform has an important face recognition technology, the industry more widely used in public security, including the investigation and surveillance, border checks, to identify the suspect, judicial portrait identification, access control key sites as well as hotels, cafes, casinos security management. In addition to face recognition, vehicle identification and voice recognition and other technologies involving artificial intelligence are also more and more ground to the public security industry applications, information technology and contribute to the public security police intelligence building.

Smooth flying characteristics of face recognition systems?

Smooth flying face recognition system uses advanced face detection, face orientation, face critical point detection, feature extraction, face recognition computing technology, distributed cluster, to achieve a shared network resource portrait, rich convergence of the number of samples, evidence of the integration business logic the output from the identification process to identify the conclusion, based on the theoretical calculation of feature matching "Portrait similarity test specification", a learning feature using the depth ratio of identifying a candidate list obtained, reintroduction likelihood secondary scoring results to the expert sort recommended It may or may not be a result.

In face massive data base, to dig deep facial data, combined with data mining capabilities police combat operations, to further improve the investigation auxiliary policemen in the decision-making ability.

The core technology enabling smart city

Help build a digital China

Smart alarm on key personnel dynamic control system through the implementation of people and vehicles moving trajectory analysis, separation disposal, go to know the whereabouts, IntelliSense for the construction purpose, namely the building of key personnel routine control and key personnel temporary surveillance function, complete control of personnel travel case , travel law, Icecream, fellow officers, relationship patterns, transaction behavior, and comprehensive analysis and judgments with behavioral models and tools to achieve the goal of the public security organs of management and control activities of key personnel.

Prosperity is a national science and technology base. Public security work, the technological innovation of strategic, fundamental and global status. In the new era background, the police insist on science and technology, vigorously implement the public security big data strategy, focused on creating a police data, to build "smart public security," a new pattern, to create a new model of police development is the general trend.

NVIDIA RIVA voice AI software makes corporate brands create a unique voice

NVIDIA (Yingda) announced a launch of a tool, as long as the 30-minute audio information can be used to create a sound of live people in just one day.

NVIDIA RIVA CUSTOM VOICE features in the NVIDIA Riva Software, so that millions of companies can develop vivid speech content in RIVA through a small amount of information within a few hours. Enterprises can use Riva Custom Voice to create a virtual assistant with unique sound, customer service centers can be used to quickly develop easy-to-identify brand sound to serve customers; and developers can use it to create multiple applications to assist in speaking expressions And language disabilities.

Kari Briski, vice president of NVIDIA AI Software Product Management, said: "The real interaction is always one of the biggest challenges in the AI ??field, especially for industries using specific jars. Now these companies can use voice Ai, brand Unique and vivid sounds to listen and respond to customers, helping to promote more attractive and more enjoyable interactions. "

Riva Custom Voice acquires in the latest version of NVIDIA Riva Voice AI software development components. Riva SDK includes world-class automatic voice recognition and text rotation, which can be customized according to different accents and fields, and can extend voice services to hundreds of stream of streaming media in cloud computing, data center, or edges.

NVIDIA founding and CEO Huang Renxun showed Riva’s voice AI function in the GTC key, including how only 30 minutes of information is available in Riva Custom Voice, and can create the same voice content with live people. In addition, through Project Tokio, Drive Concierge, and Project Maxine, you can also see the Omniverse Avatar platform that RIVA is used in making interactive virtual avatars.