Wine incense is not afraid of the alley, the scientific intelligent stereo garage is concerned.

In 2021, the Dalang Commercial Center, the Sales of the Smart Stereo Garage, 1632 parking spaces were successfully built. Sijun science and technology have been received by the social media world, which not only has Shenzhen traffic, Shenzhen traffic police, Shenzhen government online, Shenzhen Longhua integration Authoritative government media; and Shenzhen Business Daily, China Parking Network, etc. The people from all walks of life have affirmed the height of the odd technology intelligent stereo parking garage.

Recently, odd science and technology once again received an exclusive interview with Shenzhen Radio and TV "Zhongchuang TV" column group, this time, Shenzhen Radio and TV "public TV" channel "The innovative vision" column team entered the odd technology, See the science and technology intelligent stereo garage for a deep understanding.

Since the self-suite, I have to create a company in the enterprise, and I have always created convenient and safe and reliable incremental parking spaces; to improve the use of parking spaces, improve the user’s actual parking experience as the core, and use the Internet of Things, AI cloud computing, artificial intelligence Solving urban parking is based on urban parking, imparts technology forces to achieve urban parking, intelligent, technology … Standing in the social perspective, Shenzhen Radio and TV "Zhongchuang TV" channel for the goal of solving people’s livelihood The "The Innovation Vision" column group is extremely concerned about the odd three-dimensional garage given by the force.

Technical empowerment, deep concern

Since June, Si Jie Technology 57 sets of vertical circulation three-dimensional parking garage 684 parking spaces officially landed in the mechanical stereo parking space and officially put into use. The project is the number of odd technology to improve the supply of the large wave commercial center, and the "Cloud Ai + Edge Ai Combined with Big Data Cloud" "Cloud Platform Multi-End Mobile Interconnection" , According to the use scenario optimal algorithm, provide a three-dimensional parking space of the experience.

Convenient and practical, very concerned

Odd science and technology intelligent stereo garage can realize online reservation parking space, online payment, appointment pick-up, full mobile phone manipulation; background line operation, real-time viewing whole, single equipment and even single parking space, instant adjustment operation strategy, online True to actually achieve unattended management.

Safe and reliable, deeply concerned

Odd technology adopts mobile Internet technology to make each parking equipment are real-time online status, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence technology makes it ear, matrix sensor groups make it guarantor, the car is more secure, convenient.