NVIDIA RIVA voice AI software makes corporate brands create a unique voice

NVIDIA (Yingda) announced a launch of a tool, as long as the 30-minute audio information can be used to create a sound of live people in just one day.

NVIDIA RIVA CUSTOM VOICE features in the NVIDIA Riva Software, so that millions of companies can develop vivid speech content in RIVA through a small amount of information within a few hours. Enterprises can use Riva Custom Voice to create a virtual assistant with unique sound, customer service centers can be used to quickly develop easy-to-identify brand sound to serve customers; and developers can use it to create multiple applications to assist in speaking expressions And language disabilities.

Kari Briski, vice president of NVIDIA AI Software Product Management, said: "The real interaction is always one of the biggest challenges in the AI ??field, especially for industries using specific jars. Now these companies can use voice Ai, brand Unique and vivid sounds to listen and respond to customers, helping to promote more attractive and more enjoyable interactions. "

Riva Custom Voice acquires in the latest version of NVIDIA Riva Voice AI software development components. Riva SDK includes world-class automatic voice recognition and text rotation, which can be customized according to different accents and fields, and can extend voice services to hundreds of stream of streaming media in cloud computing, data center, or edges.

NVIDIA founding and CEO Huang Renxun showed Riva’s voice AI function in the GTC key, including how only 30 minutes of information is available in Riva Custom Voice, and can create the same voice content with live people. In addition, through Project Tokio, Drive Concierge, and Project Maxine, you can also see the Omniverse Avatar platform that RIVA is used in making interactive virtual avatars.