embarrassment! Dalian girl spend money to clean up "zombie powder", but deletes 300 real friends

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Dalian girl Xiaolian spends 1 yuan, purchase the procedure for cleaning up WeChat "zombie powder". Xiao Zhou followed the reminder scanning operation, as a result, she was shocked: in 1 minute, 300 WeChat friends such as parents, teachers, colleagues were deleted. I have a small week, I have to call, apologize and explain the situation. It turned out that due to the seller, Ulong, the problem of deleting the boyfriend was sent to her, thus triggeting the consequences. The reporter found that many citizens have used procedures to clean the "zombie powder", which hidden all kinds of risks, worthy of being vigilant.

Girl pays for the WeChat "Zombie Powder"

Xiao Zhou is a Dalian girl, more than 700 people in WeChat friends. In order to detect and clean up her person, Xiao Zhou purchased the program of cleaning "zombie powder" on the e-commerce platform on November 26. According to the seller, users only need to spend 1 yuan, simply complete the scanning action, and accurately detect "zombie powder". After the small week pay, the seller sent a QR code, and then she started to operate according to the prompt.

"No, how to delete the real friend?" On the small week’s mobile phone screen, he constantly flashed the name of the deleted friend, including her parents, colleagues, teachers, classmates … "They can’t be ‘zombies. Powder ‘! "Xiao Zhou realized that the program had problems, but it could not stop the operation of the program. After 1 minute, the program finally ended, and 300 WeChat friends have been deleted. The big brain is blank: "I don’t want to delete people. How do you meet it later? Too embarrassing!"

Seller 乌 龙 乌 尬

The anger is a small week to find the seller and ask for explanation. It turns out that all this is caused by sellers. The seller deletes the volume of WeChat friends in batches, and it is sent to her by cleaning "zombie powder". Subsequently, the program randomly selected 300 friends from the WeChat communication record, cleared. Xiao Zhou learned that the program set the upper limit for the number of people who deleted friends on a single batch, otherwise it will trigger a more serious consequence. Both parties have negotiated, and finally.

In order to make up for the impact of things, the small week spent a few days, and he called a friend who was deleted, apologized and explained, hoping to re-add friends. "This is 300 people, and the parents wait for the family. Among the rest of my friends, some can contact the phone, explain it, there is still a lot of people, after deleting it, I want to add it." Therefore, Xiao Zhou hopes to remind the general public, do not easily try to use the program to clean the WeChat "zombie powder" to avoid uncontrollable consequences.

Using the program "Clear" hidden dangers

"Thank you for staying me in your friend, being cleaned up, don’t go back … If your phone wants to clean up, click the link to automatically detect 噢!" Your WeChat, have you received such a message ? I believe that many people have used the process to clean the fans, but in the hidden risks, it is worth everyone to be vigilant. To this end, the WeChat team and all over the police have issued relevant reminders, do not click on the unidentified link, do not easily give the QR code "Authorization".

The reporter combed media reports found that there are four major hidden dangers:

The first is the disclosure of personal information. After the user scan code, the "Clear" service provider will receive permissions, access mobile phones and WeChat address books and chat records, and once the personal information is used for illegal purposes, the consequences are not compensated. On October 28, the Shanghai police announced a personal information case caused by the "Qing Me" software. Users only pay 5 yuan service fees, scan the QR code provided by "Clear Powder Assistant", and the mobile phone will be in-depth "scan" and obtain "medical examination report". In addition to displaying the number of detected friends, it will also be pushed one by one. Since then, the criminal gang will sell personal information from it to "brush single", "praise" and other needs, and 14 months illegally profit more than 800 million yuan.

Secondly, if the WeChat account is authorized by others and "takes over", it is possible to threaten the security of the WeChat payment account. Third, the service provider may use the user’s WeChat account, into a circle of marketing information, and the WeChat group releases various marketing information, causing the account "out of control." Finally, the possibility of hiding Trojan viruses in the QR code link will cause various security issues. Peninsula Morning News, 39-degree video chief reporter Full